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KBBG is a Bulgarian company which has an agreement with theproducers of the famous Japanese brand Kubota for representation the Bulgarianmarket for a part of the product range and especially tractors andride-on-mowers. Kubota’s tractors are arranged in 9 ranges (12-135 h.p.) asthere is a huge re-cover of horse power with the main aim of raising thechoices for the needs of production lines demanding more special technologicalprocess.

The smallest tractors are 12, 16 and 18 h.p., respectivelymodels B1220, B1620 and B1820 – appropriate for work in greenhouses, narrowvineyards or orchards, which does not allow the work of high tractors under thecrown of trees.

The range BX with a model with 23 h.p. is appropriate toaggregate with different devices as mowers, snow blower, rotary broom, frontloader.

The range B30 is presented by 4 main models with powerbetween 25 and 36 h.p.

The range STV offers to the farmers more power despite thesmall measurements. The models are with 32, 36 and 40 h.p. in combination withhydrostatic transmission that could overcome the difficulties of hardoperations.

Models L3200 and L4100 are extremely appropriate for workwith front loaders.

The rest of the tractors in between 44 and 60 h.p. arepresented by range L40. The novelty of this range is the engine consideredwith highest environment requirements.

The tractors presented in the new range M are in powerbetween 63 and 135. The Japanese constructors made serious improvements whilethey stayed on their principals of simple construction, solidity and maximumfunctionality of the machines.

The ride-on-mowers are in 5 ranges as every model has theopportunity to choose the cutting width of the mower. The grass collectorcapacity is up to 1000 l. and some of the models could lift the grass collectorto height of 180 sm. All the engines build in the mowers are diesel with directinjection and make these mowers appropriate and effective for companies engagedin grass lay out.

The central office of the company is located in Sofia and with a dealer’s network allover the country.

Bulgaria, 1421 Sofia
46, Chervena stena
tel. 00359 886 288 984
fax 00359 2 822 13 17
e-mail: kubota@kubota-bg.com

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